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DEUTSCHE FACHARBEIT Gitter, Türen, Zäune, Car-Ports, Garagentore, Schiebetore...auch in EDELSTAHL-INOX
Fences, Car-Ports, Gates, Windowgrills... also in STAINLESS-INOX
QUALITÉ ALLEMANDE Grilles, Portes, Clôtures, Portiques pour voitures, Portails... également Comme ACIER-INOX
gises and tells us that he would rather not have professional photographers participate in the competition. But now he is even more eager to show us around the town and its surroundings. He mentions a church, Mare de Deu de Popul, and then hurries off to help us out with a map. Together we take a walk to the Nucli Medieval, which is the oldest part of the town. The old town is still in a good condition and can be reached through an archway that also serves as a house. The medieval centre is very charming with its steep and winding alleys leading to the central place. Most of the enchanting houses date back to the 17th and 18th century and have been skilfully restored. Some can be rented over the summer months.
Behind the village, there is a starting point for several walking paths. One of them leads down to the Pont Medieval, a bridge constructed in the 14th century. From the bridge, there are several other interesting places to go. The ruins of Castell de Milany, for exam- ple. The ruin is located 1524 metres above sea level.
Or the Font de la Tosca fountain. The latter can also be assessed by car. As we still have a long day ahead of us, we prefer going by car. The road the fountain leads past a pool and the Sant Julia church and then through a  eld. We take a brief break at Esgle- sia de Sant Julia. This church is very old indeed. It was constructed at the beginning of the 10th century, in 904. It is a shame that no one has ever thought about restoring this architectural treasure, which is no subject to slow decay. The roof is at risk of collapsing any moment and the gates are all closed. We follow the signs to Font de la Tosca. And then, we are there. Fresh water is rushing over a rock and then plunges into the depths. Butter ies and dragon ies dance in the air over the rainbow-coloured waters. The touch of cool water on the skin is pure bliss.
Eager to see more, we follow the road up the mountain and soon we are rewarded by a stunning view onto the Pyrenees, Vallfogona de Ripolles and the picturesque meadows

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