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bar, the level of fun and alcohol is rising - sober? Not in Ibiza! The bars are crowded with people and the good mood is spreading - we wanna party! Ibiza offers numerous clubs to suit every taste - the most popular of course: the USHUAÏA. The greatest DJs in the world guarantee a once in a lifetime party experience. To a night we’ll never forget!
After a night like this, there’s only one absolute priority: Sleeping. And bathing in the sun. And sleeping more.
Just kidding: it’s beach day! Destination: Cala Comte. De nitely one of the most beauti- ful beaches of Ibiza: Crystal clear water and breathtaking views of the small islands just off the coast. Also one of the most popular spots to enjoy the impressive colours of the sunset. Very romantic. The later it gets, the more people arrive to say goodbye to the sun: They clap, whistle and cheer - what a wonderful atmosphere! Something you will probably only experience in Ibiza.
Our next stop: A very special and glamorous bar called KM5, which impresses with a stylish and luxurious atmosphere. Actually, the term bar does not really do justice to the KM5: Not only does it have an open-air area, but also a restaurant, a club and an own boutique. We decide to pick a nice spot in the outside area next to a radiant heater and enjoy the evening snuggled up in a brown leather couch and drinking delicious cock- tails. Later, two women dressed in white come by to offer us a head massage - made us feel like queens!
Following the motto: „I’ll have one glass or two or three..“, the second evening ends very comfortably.
DEUTSCHE FACHARBEIT Gitter, Türen, Zäune, Car-Ports, Garagentore, Schiebetore...auch in EDELSTAHL-INOX
Fences, Car-Ports, Gates, Windowgrills... also in STAINLESS-INOX
QUALITÉ ALLEMANDE Grilles, Portes, Clôtures, Portiques pour voitures, Portails... également Comme ACIER-INOX

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